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Chattering class preparing for Charlie’s second act.

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

OK Floridians get ready for the sequel to the 2010 riveting feature Charlie Crist in the Tallahassee Hamlet. As you may recall, the Tallahassee chattering class was obsessed with whether a mild-mannered moderate Governor would forsake the Capital City for opportunities in the nation’s Capital. Click here and here if you want reminded.

In the sequel Charlie moves to St. Petersburg and teams up with a central Florida trial lawyer and kibitzes with Democrats to drive the Republican establishment crazy and leaves Democrats who are tired of losing panting like teeny boppers at a Justin Beiber concert.

Lloyd Dunkelberger sets the stage here. Check back weekly for an update to Charlie Crist in Hamlet, on Second Thought.

And if you think Charlie Crist is damaged goods as a politician here are two reports from three years ago.

The Crist Method

October 4th, 2010

Crist connecting with people in Orlando

The St. Petersburg Times’ Adam Smith watched Governor Charlie Crist, a no-party-affiliated candidate for the U.S. Senate, stroll through an airport terminal and writes “Crist didn’t just greet voters, he enveloped them in warmth and happiness. . . . even more remarkable considering Crist, 54, is on the verge of being cast into political oblivion.”

Smith’s account can be read here: Crist Charm Offensive.  

 And here’s an October 2009 radio story about the Crist method of politicking.  Crist Charisma.