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Norman Steps Up Santorum Criticism

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

The Florida Legislature is in the second week of its annual 60-day session. Tuesday morning Senator Don Gaetz spoke about an hour on the Senate redistricting proposal. It is mostly show. The issue will be decided in court.

While the Legislature lays the groundwork for major battles on the budget, gambling and redistricting I have been watching the Republican Presidential primary. A native Pennsylvanian I am completely befuddled by Rick Santorum’s support.  The fact that Santorum’s candidacy is viable is one of those things that leads me to ask the nation, “have you lost your mind?”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Tony Norman has covered Santorum’s career from the start of his first congressional race nearly 20 years ago. Here’s an excerpt from his latest column on the former U.S. Senator.

“It is a sign of how decadent much of American Christianity has become: A candidate who enthusiastically condones assassination is the same man who 150 “Christian” leaders have decided best exemplifies the Christian values they want to see at work in the White House. Where does Jesus Christ fit in this scenario?”
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Columnist takes on Santorum

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Back in the gently rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania a columnist for Rick Santorum’s hometown newspaper is working to derail Santorum’s bid for the Republican Presidential nomination.

National cable pundits amused Tony Norman when they gushed about the Santorum narrative including a 72-year-old grandfather working in a coal mine. Norman may be less than impressed with Santorum’s working class credentials because every Western PA pol has a good grandpa story or as Norman observed it is just wrong to have a 72-year-old working in a coal mine.

In this column Norman writes “ There are so many myths, damned lies and statistics about the former senator that one hardly know where to begin.”   Click on ridiculous candidacy to read more.

Santorum supporters seem to fascinate Norman. He writes they must be in ”  perpetual state of denial about what he truly believes.” click on reality distortion field to read more.